Compelling stories and overcoming challenges are all in a day's work for Kevin Adamson. This young talent is quickly making his mark within the field of film through innovative storytelling and passionate direction. This raw and unrefined new directing talent is quickly becoming known for his aggressive style and distinctive emotional vision and captivating cinematography.
Growing up in Virginia, he faced tough times from birth. His family was poor, drifting from place to place while wrestling with the destructive presence of substance abuse. Kevin himself was often on the move, shifting back and forth between family members or his mother's boyfriends. After physical abuse started rearing its ugly head, he was moved into a group home for boys.
Even in the midst of this turbulent upbringing, Kevin had dreams of one day working in film and music videos. His first opportunity emerged while in high school: the chance to direct a play. He started wrapping his arms around the creative process of storytelling and directing a cast. Along the way, he also branched out into photography and video. The pieces were starting to fall into place.
College brought new challenges and ventures for creativity. Kevin began dabbling in design and, upon graduation, started working as motion and still graphic designer. But his original passion for film never wavered. He started volunteering on film shoots to simply learn the ropes and eventually gained opportunities to direct. Since then he has walked a path through film media, learning almost every role: camera operator, editor, designer, director and producer. With a passion to tell compelling stories and always push the creative boundaries. Kevin has a mission and drives to excel and make an impact on the film world. Written by: Jeremy Hunt

• Carolina Liar
• Dustine Kensrue
• The Almost
• Skillet
• Remedy Drive
• Hawk Nelson
• B. Reith
• Josh Moore
• House of Heroes
• Aaron Gillespie
• Lecrae
• Matthew West
• Jeremy Camp