On the weekends, Dillon Novak put off his junior high homework so he and his friends could make music videos to their favorite songs. If the video did not have an actor: Dillon was an actor. No lead singer: he threw on some eyeliner and became the lead-singer. He was ready to do anything and wear any hat in order for the video to be made right.
Most kids his age were caught in a hormonal angst of identity searching, years from finding their calling in life. Dillon was already out living his dream career on the weekends soon making videos for real artists. By the time he graduated High School, his music videos had been shown at 16 different film festivals, winning 8 in the music video category.
Now in his 20's, Dillon has left the comfort of his Colorado mountain town and claims Los Angeles as his new domain. Productions have gotten larger but one trait remains unaffected by time; his innate need to insure the quality of a video. His methods are far from grinding out a product that meets expectations, but collaborating to create something unique that embodies each band's style while maintaining a captivating story to compliment. He is a director and friend.

• We Shot The Moon
• The Epilogues
• Everfound
• Brightwood
• The Skyline Surrender
• Dance Over Anaheim
• Rikka Zimmerman
• Lights Resolve
• Smile Empty Soul
• I Am War
• Reno Divorce
• Crown The Empire
• Issues
• Blue Ember
• Abra